Our infrastructure is broken.

Louisiana has neglected its infrastructure for far too long. Improvements are overdue and we have significant needs for roads ($20 billion backlog), ports and other key elements of our economy. Most urgently, Louisiana must follow other states and raise the gas tax in order tp repair and build critical infrastructure.

Since 2013, 28 states and the District of Columbia have enacted legislation to raise state gas taxes.

Louisiana last raised its gas tax in 1990 and with inflation and growing demand, our state has not been able to adequately maintain its roads and bridges.

Revenue generated by a gas tax would be dedicated exclusively to infrastructure and ports. Passing a gas tax would also enable the state to meet the match for transportation dollars.

In the longer term, we support enhanced regional transportation including a passenger rail between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. This would promote a thriving region and increase transportation options that reflect investment in a 21st century economy.