Louisiana needs a new Constitution.

The United States Constitution was written in 1787 and has had only 27 amendments over more than 230 years. It serves as the guiding document for America. The Louisiana Constitution was written in 1973 and has 190 amendments already. The Louisiana Constitution does not guide the state, it constrains it. Worse, only education, healthcare and public safety are easily available for budget cuts. In order to prioritize our public investment and activity to position Louisiana for the future, a new – or radically refreshed – constitution is needed, via a constitutional convention.

At the same time, Louisiana needs to decentralize state government, and return power back to the people. For nearly 100 years, Louisiana has had a centralized government structure, with parishes and cities dependent on Baton Rouge for funding and control. This has led to decades of poor outcomes, and undermined local control and responsibility.

Parishes should have the freedom to raise revenue to cover services typically delivered by local governments (schools, police, roads, etc.), while reducing dependence on the state to fund these services. This does not mean higher taxes – just more control by citizens over their own money.

You can read more on this in an upcoming white paper to be released in early 2019.