A Platform of Solutions for Louisiana’s Fiscal Challenges

We Craft

Our state policy is in dire need of reform.

While Louisiana has an abundance of natural resources and homegrown talent, we remain stubbornly at the bottom of most quality-of-life rankings. After seven special sessions in three years, it is clear that our state is structurally grounded and cannot move forward without fundamental changes.

With this in mind, Greater New Orleans, Inc. has developed Reform for Louisiana’s Future. The platform includes 10 interrelated planks and identifies solutions to some of the most challenging issues facing our state. These solutions are the product of several years of discussions with stakeholders, interviews with key leadership from varied political backgrounds and research of best practices.

But it is not enough to have the right ideas – it requires the right people to get the job done. In 2019, Louisiana will have the opportunity to elect leadership with the wherewithal, mandate and support for transformational change. None of these reforms will be easy. But they are critical to creating a Louisiana where our children and grandchildren can stay and prosper. We encourage you to share these ideas with others who have a genuine commitment to solutions and the long-term future of Louisiana.

We Craft

The principles that drive our reform plan.


Our taxes are too complicated.


Louisiana needs a new Constitution.


Job creation is the key to growth.

K-12 &
Higher Education.

Our universities need funding.

Workforce Training
& Attraction.

Our companies need workers.

Transportation and Infrastructure.

Our infrastructure is broken.


Our coast is shrinking.


Our liabilities are too high.


Our state has too many lawsuits.


We must commit to continued criminal justice reform.

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Take a deep dive into our whitepapers.

The Case for Constitutional Reform:

Achieving Fiscal Stability and Economic Competitiveness

The Coastal Challenge:

Developing a Comprehensive Approach through Cooperation and Long-Term Vision